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Home / Care Info / How to maintain micro ring hair extensions?

How to maintain micro ring hair extensions?


Here are some basic points you should know about general maintenance.

With the right hair and if cared for properly, you are able to reuse the same hair extensions for up to two years.This is what makes this kind of hair extension such an investment. However looking after them is regular maintenance sessions. Your extensions will require maintenance every six to eight weeks. This prevents things like excessive dead hair or skin build up at the roots, matting or breakdown of your extension bonds. Missing your routine maintenance could mean more costly appointments to fix any damage. Look for an extensionist to refix your whole head of extensions per maintenance session. You don’t want one who only fixes those placed at the crown or just a few, you want it all redone. Your extensionist will fit the bonds as tightly as possible to prevent any fallout. However, if you do have any that fall out of your hair, don’t worry, keep them and you can have them fixed back in at your next appointment, it’s totally normal. Prices of maintenance varies depending on which salon you go to and which extension company you liaise with.
So what happens at a maintenance session?

The extensionist will brush through the extensions taking them section by section. They’ll gently pop open the micro-ring and remove both extension tip and the ring then gently remove any dead hair or build up from your roots. This is totally natural and it’s good to remove but this stage is in no way damaging to your hair. She then replaces the old micro-rings with new ones and puts the hair back into place. She just moves it close to the scalp for a more secure hold. Unfortunately extensions are often removed in the wrong way which results in pulling on the hair and damage. But when done correctly these are the best extensions to maintain the health of your natural hair.

After your maintenance- aftercare

Looking after your extensions doesn’t just stop when the appointment ends. It’s essential that you carry on caring for them at all times. My top tips for doing this are as follows:
1.French plait your hair every night before bed to prevent matting and tangling. If you like you can even get silk pillow cases to prevent excessive rubbing while sleeping.
2.Wash and condition your extensions every 2 to 3 days. This is essential in receiving the nourishment they need to stay healthy and shiny. They don’t receive the benefits of natural oil from your head so they need a little extra loving.
3.Use extension specific shampoo and conditioners-use the right products. This ensures that bonds aren’t broken down and products don’t dry out your hair. You paid a lot of money for these you want to ensure you keep them looking good. You shouldn’t need to replace them that often. I recommend using anything argan oil based or anything from the Angelus line.
4.Use an argan oil serum on her hair before you sleep-use a hair serum before bed. This helps nourish your hair as you sleep as it can get really frazzled during the day.
5.As with your natural hair, try to keep heat styling to a minimum. Let them hair dry if you have time and always use a heat protected before using heated appliance.
6.Try and keep them plaited whenever you’re not going anywhere- Try and keep them plaited as often as possible. Hair tangles really easily when left loose on your shoulders and on your back. So therefore it’s a good idea to keep it tied up when you’re just mooching around the house.

If you have any questions please leave them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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