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Home / Care Info / How to care for your new Micro Ring hair extensions?

How to care for your new Micro Ring hair extensions?


Micro ring hair extension is a great method of extensions and it’s become very popular. The rings themselves lie very flat against the head and they are virtually undetectable. Also it is very non-damaging because no heat, chemicals or glue are used to attach the hair extensions.
When washing your new hair extensions be sure to use a good quality shampoo. Use mild shampoos- avoid sulfate. Make sure that you don’t scrub aggressively. When applying conditioner, you can use liberally but be sure to avoid the rings themselves because this may contribute to slipping. After you have finished washing be sure to wash your hair immediately. Dry the roots right away to avoid slippage. Make sure as you are brushing or combing your hair, you are not tagging too hard. Brush your hair gently. Try not to go to bed with wet hair as this may contribute to extra tangling.
At bedtime make sure you put your hair in a ponytail or a braid to avoid tangling.
When you are styling your extensions you can use curling irons, flat irons or anything you would use on your normal hair but you just have to make sure that you use a low heat setting. Always use a heat protectant and low heat. And again avoid excessive pulling or tagging to your hair when you are brushing because this will pull some of the extensions out and you will want to avoid this. Be gentle.
With the Micro Ring hair extension method, it is important to keep up with the maintenance appointments. As your hair grows, the rings will grow along with it. And every six to eight weeks or so depending on your hair growth, you’ll have to come in and we can move up the extensions. We will also add in a few more if you need them. An advantage to this method is that the hair is reusable. So every time you come in you do not have to purchase new hair. These extensions can last two to four months or even more with maintenance. But when it’s time for removal you need to come in and get it done professionally. The Micro Ring hair extension method is very popular and is a great option when you are searching for hair extensions. The possibilities are endless.

You can add in highlights for a full head and give you the glamorous look that you want. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below.


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