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Help / FAQ
What are micro ring hair extensions??

Micro ring hair extensions do not use glues,adhesives,heat or weaves to attach hair extensions.Instead,they use tiny rings or beads that are clamped to your natural hair by using pliers.Tightening is one of the major things to consider in maintenance.

Will micro ring hair damage my own hair??

No!It does not need any glue or chemical to apply.And it is easy to remove too.Also it is reusable.

Can I treat it like my own hair?Like wash everyday??

You could wash the hair everyday just like your own hair.We only use best quality virgin hair,so the hair will not tangle or shed.

How long can the hair extension last?When to remove??

The micro ring hair extensions could last up to 8-12 weeks if you take proper care of it.The hair is reusable too.

Can I Dye my hair extensions??

Yes,if you order natural/uncolored hair extensions,you could dye or bleach it to any color you like.If you order already colored hair,then we will recommend you could dye it to darker colors,but can not dye it to lighter colors.

Which Color Should I Choose??

We recommend you buy a color ring from us for future use,and we have discount on it.Because different companies have different color rings.

How many strands do I need??

For a starter package,we will recommend to try 100-150 strands first.If you have thick hair,then you could order less.

Can I place a custom order??

Yes you could place a custom order for a specific color or length.The custom order will take longer time like about 4-6 weeks to complete.

Can I Install the hair myself??

We recommend you find someone like a hair stylist to help you to apply the hair.
Also you could try to watch some videos from youtube.com,there are a lot of application videos.

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