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Home / Care Info / Hair Extensions Care Tips

Hair Extensions Care Tips


I just got my hair done and it looks amazing. But now that you have extensions in what’s the proper after care for them?

The proper after care is you never want to sleep in wet extensions.

When you sleep on wet extensions it can mat, it can tangle and it’s just going to be too difficult too comb out so the best thing you want to do is always make sure that your hair extensions are dry before you go to sleep, that you comb them, put them in a loose braid or high ponytail or something like that. Perhaps sleep on a satin cap so that your hair won’t have any kind of matting or tangling at night. The best thing to do when you style it is to always hold it in one hand and brush with another. You don’t want to put much tension on an installation because that will pull. As you know you have something installed in your hair so you don’t want to create tension that can cause breakage or anything like that.

For extensions do you need to use a certain kind of shampoo and conditioner?

Try to use a hydrating shampoo or conditioner, something that’s going to add a little bit more moisture to your hair extensions. There are some brands that I like that’s especially for extensions and hair weaves and that gives hair a lot of shine and gives your extensions more longevity.

So when I do my hair I like to do oil in my hair and shampoo, hairs spray or whatever, Is there any products you shouldn’t use on extensions?.

Try to get a product that doesn’t have a lot of alcohol base because it dries the hair extension out. They do have some that’s alcohol free that you may want to get for your hair extensions. I like Big Sexy Hair, that’s another hair spray and conditioner and shampoo that I really like to use and The Sebastian, those are really good for hair extensions.

Other Tips
Try not to shampoo everyday, only when needed, always wrap it up at night and always get the proper maintenance. Go back to see your extensionist to make sure that they tighten it up, that there’s no matting or the hair is clamping together and there’s no breakage. That’s going to be the best thing for your hair extensions. So proper maintenance, tying it up at night, combing it daily with a paddle brush or a wide toothed comb. Those are the best things you need for your hair extensions.

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